“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

Think Worgl, think economic answers - Scott Keller, September 9, 2011 at 8:20 PM

The emphasis on "jobs" has been all wrong for many decades.  It's been about chasing the dollar bill, "earning" a paycheck to pay bills for things that could and should be free anyway.  Creating jobs is not a Federal thing unless there's a federal goal to achieve, such as reaching out into space or mobilizing to recover from a national disaster. 

If we would shift our focus and our paradigm to what needs to be accomplished rather than spinning wheels to generate a profit, and if we take basic needs off of the table of things that people need to work to fulfill, then we'd find that suddenly we have more than enough work to do and the human suffering will drop down to near zero.  

Take the example of Worgl as a lesson learned, an example of what can be done if the economic model is done right.

Worgl is a town in Austria that beat the odds during the Great Depression.  While much of the world was in a tailspin, Worgl thrived.  It thrived until the national bank put an end to it that is.  The local government did what IT was supposed to do with money, and the people did what THEY were supposed to do, and voila.  Miracle (or really what should have been expected).  Money, properly designed this time, instead of being a limit, acted as a catalyst.


We don't need or want big government programs and we don't need or want "big business" to come pretend it's going to save the day.   We only need to shift the paradigm and start doing what's necessary. 

If the government gets it's job right with the economic model, the rest will be easy.

  • We have road systems & transportation systems to build or overhaul or design from scratch. 
  • We have an education system that needs to be overhauled and redesigned.We have a space travel, exploration, colonization program to expand upon, redesign, and implement.
  • We have a new system of energy production that needs to be designed and implemented.
  • We have scientific research that needs to be done.We have diseases and other health problems that need to be resolved.We have houses, apartment buildings, hospitals, recreation centers, learning centers, and more that need to be built.
  • We have electric and solar cars that need to be designed and built, along with a grid to keep them fueled.We have clothing that needs to be made.
  • We have pollution of many kinds that needs to be cleaned up.
  • We have food that needs to be grown and distributed.

The list goes on and nowhere on this list is "profit".  

For many the thought of money still comes up, but there are numerous ways to get around this false limitation and even I have a few ideas.

So, how can we get America "working" again?  Simple:

  1. Think local.  Many options exist locally that could solve unemployment in a month or two.2. Think purpose.  Let's create work, not jobs.  Let's have purpose to everything we do, not chase money.3. Think freedom.  A TRULY free market, where non-profits and alternative model businesses such as purposeful local co-ops can compete with the money chasers head-to-head and win.4. Think future.  An extention of think purpose, let's work to rise to our fullest potential rather than just exist.

I'm very much against a big Federal government imposing itself on States or cities or towns.  And I am for eliminating all Federal taxes, except for, perhaps, the purpose of regulating the currency, along with returning to sovereign money.  We don't need to spend another Federal dollar on any of the above as it can all be done locally ,through the people, with innovation, creativity and focus.

If we take this new focus or perspective, then suddenly automation becomes humanity's friend rather than foe. We won't be worried about a machine taking someone's "job" because this would free the person whose "job" was taken to  move on to more fulfilling work without worrying about bills to pay.

People's debts can be handled quickly and easily on the local level if it's agreed upon to use a new approach to doing so.   

I believe the answers to our work issues rest mainly in local possibilities.  Of course, we have to get our monetary sovereignty back, but our unemployment situation can be resolved long before this occurs.  Every person living in America, every one of them, could be working within 6 months from now, not having to wait for some miracle to happen following some election.

Our housing situation, as well, can be handled this way, including our local travel expenses as well.  Many of our issues can be resolved very quickly, through cooperation and innovation on a local level.

We should pull together all mayors, city councils, governors, and community activists collectively for a high level overview, and then State by State, city by city, community by community, present a number of existing options and together brainstorm a customized method for each community to get people working, get them fed, get them in to homes, get them health care and education, and cover any other needs they may have.

Once we've begun the process outlined above, we can 1) start making a shift from worldwide military involvement as our largest source of employment and Federal spending, to being our best here at home through innovative education, health care, and scientific efforts, among others ideas, and at the same time, 2) we can be initiating a national movement to establish a sovereign national money supply and break the dependence our system currently has on foreign banks via the Federal Reserve.  The Constitution calls for us to print our own money, not borrow it.  We don't have to wait even a moment to start making the switch back to the Constitutional mandate, and once we do, we'll quickly see many issues automatically getting solved.

If the American people follow this plan and get involved in its implementation and even in its betterment, then we'll find we will get almost immediate positive results, mostly by the natural creation of new jobs, businesses, and projects as we focus on our own country's problems.



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