“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

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End the Debt, Inc, is the only organization in the US aiming at the root cause of the national debt and has the only approach and solution for not only neutralizing it but ending it. Solving the root cause of the debt will have many awesome corollary benefits as well as what seems obvious. Join us! Together we can build an unstoppable momentum.

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End The Debt is an organization and a movement centered around a mission to stop, neutralize, and end the national debt at its roots, replacing the existing debt-based, forced public usury laden, bank owned, controlled, and distributed currency with a sovereign, credit or asset based, Congress controlled, regulated, coined, and distributed currency. The banks, their Federal Reserve Notes, and their fractional reserve lending must be removed from the US economic equations. 


Our mission is to end the debt by establishing a well-designed, sovereign, debt free, currency, free from the control, ownership, usury, inflation, and distribution of bankers enabling the US to end all borrowing and retire all existing debt so that citizens, residents, and visitors can all thrive within our borders regardless of current social, educational, or economic status.


Scott T Keller

Visions to spare.

Scott Keller has been coming up with solutions for years but has hit system-based obstacles at every turn. Rather than give up on those solutions and visions of a better world, he EXPANDED his efforts to solve those obstacles one at a time. The solutions that currently are in queue include free ultra-high quality education and a retirement plan that is very low cost, and starts at age 55. Also plans are there for how to turn around cities like Detroit, but the greatest passion he has is for the national system. Many windows of opportunity get missed every year and that's got to stop.


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