“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller
Our Plan So Far
Note that this plan is flexible.  It must be flexible, so that as factors change, we can change our direction as well.  BUT, the goal remains essentially the same - end the debt at its roots, restore the nation to a debt free currency, and allow local cities and towns to establish their own supplementary local economic models so they can take care of their customized needs independently of the rest of the nation even while they are a part of the rest of the nation.
The plan:
We will establish and grow local groups in every congressional district, and preferably in every community, around the nation, which will network with each other, and bring pressure to bear on their government representatives and possibly find, recruit, train, and support new candidates for office as necessary to ensure proper representation in the government.
These groups will ensure that their representatives are dedicated to passing proper bills or revoking proper bills as necessary to shift the nation to a sovereign, debt-free, usury-free, private bank free dollar with proper design so as to work for the benefit of the people rather than against them.
These groups will also participate in writing bills, or sections of bills as necessary which can then be introduced to appropriate bodies of government by their representatives, nationally and locally.
The same groups established above will have a responsibility to help design or influence the design of a local economic model and its components as necessary to allow local prosperity based on the strengths of the people who live there.  These can include such things as local currencies, moneyless and "exchangeless" models, co-ops, and others.
That's it.  Nothing complicated.  The hardest part to this is forming the groups.
As these actions unfold, we will likely find that the amount of free time we all have to be involved in the community and the function of the government will increase as many of the economic issues we face (among others) will be solved fairly quickly.
There must be no single leader that the entire effort depends on.  This is to ensure no "single point of failure".  Therefore we will encourage the development of leaders throughout the organization, any of whom can step up to the plate and guide the organization as a whole.

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